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Originally Posted by Dr_Naf
you are not critical enough towards BD team, but you should not resign, your articles are good.
I will agree with it depending on your role. Are you simply writing the bulletin or are you voicing your opinion?

The recent bulletin is simply a summary that can be read from anywhere else on the web. But you can make it a unique piece by voicing your opinion regarding the happenings of the game.

For example, you wrote - at one point there was a possibility of a successful chase (though more improbable - you have to explain why is it improbable like - not all overs would be bowled due to deteriorating sunlight, Dravid would purposefully waste more time), but sending Rajin wasn't surprising to you? Y? Can you defend it? (, a possibilty of loss had we chased?) I think for most of us, sending rajin was pretty surprising...

you writings don't have to reflect the opinions of BC members... good writings always spark debates... but you have to defend it basically.

I think as a Bulletin write (summary), you are doing a great job... but if you wanna CHANGE something with your writing, you have to be more critical and involved like Naf said... People are reading your articles.

Bulletin writer = great job (but summary can be found at cricinfo as well)
Critical writer = needs to be more engaging... perhaps take longer time to write one piece, like one article per test...