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Members should be able to distinguish between a BC volunteers (yes, we are all volunteers, no 6 figure salary for us) personal opinions and official opinions. When we post on the forums we usually try to make it clear when we are speaking in our official capacity. Sometimes we forget. I think it is best to assume that a post is a personal opinion unless we say otherwise.

BC articles too convey the opinions of the author(s). Unless otherwise stated the opinions expressed are those of the author(s) only. Unless they claim otherwise, they are only speaking for themselves and not for the fans.

So whether Miraz is overly critical or not critical enough really has no bearing on whether he is one of the BC Editors (we have a few, helping with our article editorial workflow, bulletins et al).

Bulletins are a tad different. We try to make them be nothing more than a factual reporting of some event (coach, tour, match etc) without resorting to any editorializing. That does not mean that our internal biases often do not show up in the bulletins via the "title" or choice of adjective. We try to stay away from it.

Keep us on our toes when we fail. A little bit of fire under our feet should keep us all honest.