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What ! No poll ?

I propose a poll here. A poll will give us a crystal clear, comprehensive, unbiased, total and complete view of public opinion on the subject. Next, I propose a Khondakar bulletin on the front page about the poll, so the rest of the world know how ALL of us are ever coherently thinking the EXACT same way about a subject matter.

1. NO.
Your analysis and posts are TRUE, UNBIASED and EXACT picture of the mindframe of EACH & EVERY fan of Bangladesh cricket. Therefore, henceforth, you shall write, on our behalf, all news, columns, bulletins (the heck with the definition of a bulletin), analysis, opinion, articles, interviews, tour diaries and everything else for ever and ever and ever. Your accusers should be punished on a public forum and banished for ever and ever.

2. YES. You are misrepresenting the thoughts of BC members, making us look bad. These accusations are grave and you should receive the capital (web versioni) punishment. Disconnect your internet, dump your PC, get on a plane and move to Kiribati.

Miraz: I have one question for you, since we are on the subject.

Think of this hypothetical scenario. Say, there was a discussion on Global Thermonuclear Warfare on a public forum. This forum, among many other, happens to be hosted on the Washington Post newspaper's server.

Now, let's say that one of the general public participating in this discussion happened to mention something I wrote on BC. Can I, then, open a thread on BC and say that one of my pieces was critically analyzed by the experts of the venerable Washington Post? Would that be appropriate or evern true? Or, would it be my shameless attempt in beating my own drum with misleading information?

Help me, please. I'm so confused.