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Default Miraz and closed thread

[When I was writing about: Miraz, the thread was closed and I think I have the right to express my opinion]

First of all I appreciate, Miraz writing for BC forum/BD cricket, because we don’t have enough good writers except R. Immam. Writing is a creative activity and I always appreciate if anyone writes anything. Therefore, I would say Miraz, you are doing great job for BD cricket. However, I did not find any justification to open this thread to explain personal criticism. It is a very much personal thread and trying to get sympathy from BC members technically. This thread also expresses his personal emotion level. I found Miraz is very much emotional guy and does not watch his mouth to badly criticize others. He used dirty words couple of time in this forum and it made me sick when I have found that he is an Assistant Prof at Dhaka University. Honestly, I was expecting more balance posting from him. By the way, I personally know there are many high caliber/respected people are in this forum.

Originally Posted by Kabir
Okay, guys. That doesn't mean nobody has the right to criticize. Everyone has the right to do constructive criticisms. Lets not call our critiques idiots or stupids just because we're not in agreement
Kabir, I think you still remember, this Miraz used this kind (idiots) words to criticize other people. I think you still remember “Chinaman” edited Miraz posting when he used abusive words like this. You will find this evidence from the previous post.

Originally Posted by Sauron
Miraz, your effort to drum up a posse is honestly cracking me up ... almost making me forget the pain and shame of quitting on the first test.

This reminds me of the politics of DU teachers. Don't get your hands dirty, get your serfs to do your bidding.

Anyway, I'm flabbergasted to see how deeply the words of a few members (or should I say one "seasoned" member whose nick starts with S and ends with n and has auro in the middle) can hurt you. You don't need validation from a mass of people to know if any allegation is right or wrong, do you?

Also, when you put up a thread like this, many "mediocre" people like me may interprete this as a veiled attempt to say that you guys better appreciate me or I'm gone. But obviously the vast majority of members appreciate you, so you should cheer up and your confusion should be gone..
The main objective of this thread is that Miraz is trying to give a lesson to Sauron. Sauron criticized Miraz in the other thread. Honestly, I don’t agree with most of Miraz postings. He cannot accept any criticism about Habibul Bashar. Though, at this moment Bashar is one of the most disliked person in Bangladesh.

Finally, I appreciated Miraz’s writing, but I don’t appreciate his emotion and opening this thread.

I never mind, if this thread is also closed. Thanks!!