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Default Concluding Remarks

(Posting on behalf of Miraz)

I have tried to explain couple times the reason behind opening this thread, unfortunately some of our members failed to get the explanation.

It appears from some of the members’ comment that all my posts, bulletins are centred on Habibul Bashar, and that’s why they cannot accept my support towards him.

However, except one bulletin during world cup, I have written no bulletins, reviews or analysis about Bashar, lending support to him is out of question.

In the forum, I should enjoy my freedom as a member and I have every right to like or dislike any player. Likewise, I opened several threads to see the end of Khaled Mashud in the forum, and also couple of threads to remove Bashar from the captaincy as I am not a big fan of his captaincy. I still have big faith on Bashar as a test player and I have no hesitation to express my thoughts on this.

I opened the thread to find out the members’ opinion about couple of allegations made. I could have ignored them and continued what I was doing, writing bulletins, match reports and articles. May be, I should have done that.

However, I felt in a different way. I do care for my Job as BC editor and I have to put a lot of efforts to do justice to my position. I felt, I should know the members opinion about those remarks, and if those are true, it effectively nullify all my efforts. I don’t want to put so much effort for almost nothing, and definitely not to downgrade BC or its members.

We all do voluntary jobs here and mistakes are obvious in every piece of work. I was brave enough to find out my mistakes and opened the thread.

There was no other hidden agenda or any other intentions. It was an honest attempt by a dedicated BC member to gauge the merit of his efforts.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this thread.