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Originally Posted by bangla_usa
I think we have said enuff 'thank u' to Dav Whatmore for his contribution to Bangladesh Cricket. After watching this horrible 2nd test (esp. for choosing to field first) and for Dav's shameless 'chamchami' to BCCI, I think it is time to remove the current banner from BC and replacing back the old one. Moderators, could you please do that as a 'sign of protest' for his shameless behavior? Thank you.

More of Dav's chamchami in today's Anandabazar:
You don't throw someone under the bus on the basis of how we performed one day in a 5 day game. There is nothing shameless in looking for a new job after you have fulfilled your responsibilities under the old one. Any of us who has worked for a living, and more importantly depends on one to feed his family, knows what it will be like if the paychecks stopped coming. Grow up and learn to appreciate when someone does something good for you. Any team takes time to grow, we are past the days of magic lamps and genies. Please be constructive and propose a name for a new coach who you think will be better and we will all participate in the discussion.
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