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Originally Posted by bangla_usa
I said we have said enough 'thank you' to him for his contribution. And he didn't do the job as a volunteer or for simply the love of cricket. We paid him $10,000 USD per month. Do you know what is the average per capita income in BD or in IND?? go, figure it out.
I guess I should not waste my time responding to you. Do you know how much the TV rights for BD cricket sold for - $56 millions (forgot the exact no., but I think it is the right amount). Do you think it is the fairweather fans like you who is bringing the revenue or is it the performance of the team or where people with money believe the team is headed in the future? Do you think the coach has something to do with that? What a surprise, he does have something to do with it...... And I don't know if the $120,000/yr amount is correct, I doubt it, but I wouldn't mind if it is. If you want to be competitive, you have to be willing to pay the market price.

What would be a right salary for our coach in your mind? 25,000 TK per month?
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