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Dear Bashar Bhai,

I have not read your interview, but from the topic of the interview I will say this: Apni ki korechhen bohu aage is what kept some hope within us that you will repeat the performance. But please, stop dwelling in the past. I do not wish you to retire if you dont want to, but do not assume your spot in the national team is irreplaceable. If you are not performing presently, then you are still welcome to relegate yourself to first class and domestic leagues till you find form. If you are one of the best then, I am sure you will find your place on the best team that we can produce. Do not be so shortsighted and point to your stats from 3 years back, as it wont justify what you are doing now. Best regards and wishes to you.

and this is the link to the interview article, not the shomokal link given by Miraz Bhai:

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