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Originally Posted by Kabir
While we're at it, I see a few members keep saying "you girls are good for cheerleading" or that "what do girls know about cricket". Such comments are downright sexist, and I would request members to stop commenting that way. In fact, posts such as these should be reported to admins and mods...coz they're of bad taste and discriminatory to someone's gender.
Well said Kabir bhai. Maybe the forum rules should stress this facet of negative discrimination and condescension - not just to sex and gender, but also religious orientations, nationality, etc, to be outright unacceptable. -it would deal in a good way with mudslinging that goes on against and by some foreign members of the BC forum.

Current Rule A.1.4 says:
A.1.4: Avoid posting about your personal hatred toward any country, nationality, race, ethnicity, religion and gender.

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