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yeah , slip fielding over the years have been poor for bangladesh . we don't have any specialist there . need to grow some . however , I think aftab , rajin , sakib must not be placed in the slips . these 3 must be kept at point( aftab/sakib ) , midwicket( rajin ... while spinners are bowling ... straightish midwicket ) and cover/extracover( sakib ) . ash , being captain would constantly place himself in the mid off / mid on and i like this approach . javed and tamim ... I would prefer fielding in the deep ... they have very swift pair of legs ( yes , javed even with age ) and can dive very well ( along with aftab , ashraful , sakib , rajin ) . now who will be at slip ?

i think mashrafe can become a very good slip / gully fielder . ( hehehe , in the multan test , that we won ... oh no not us , ashoka and rashid and of course inzi won ... in that test mashrafe took some good catches at gully ) . mmm... who else ? I think tushar imran might be a good slip fielder . Shariar nafees should practise and concentrate a lot . and yes , our slip fielder very often are way too far placed for the ball to drop short of them specially in the subcontinents whre there is not enough bounce . i think musfiq should be aware of this and must place the slips perfectly .

hehehe , vai , apne slip fielding er kotha koilen ar ami pura fielding placement koira dilam shudhu slip khuija paitesi na
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