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Originally Posted by SMHasan
I have seen few of our players put their hands on their knees at the time of the delivery.Hands should be in the air, not in the knees. In fact this does not give them a quick reflex and they act relatively slow. Saqib dropped one because he was slow to react. This is an area we need to work on. I think this is a basic mistake.

Very good point. Preperation is the key, and many intl. players I see simply don't prepare. I once noticed in a slow no replay a while ago in a game between Oz and Pak, Wasim Akram was in slips and his hands were resting on his knees the whole time during the replay. On that occasion, the ball didn't fly in his direction, thankfully.

Wasim may be an experienced and skillful player, so *maybe* he knows what he's doing. But the BD players ought to follow a strict and flawless technique to ensure they snaffle slip catches. They cannot afford mistakes, especially in Test cricket.
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