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Originally Posted by Tigers_eye
Slip fielding is not a specialized position. Anyone who can catch well can be there. However, that person has to be alert 100% time of his fielding. Just a minor lapse would undu all the countless hours of slip fielding practices that one may go through.
Originally Posted by Mahir
Can't agree with T_E here though... slip is infact a specialised position. Or else any good fielder of any team would be placed there, without feeling the necessity of someone 'special' to do the job. Like you have your preferred gully/point fielder, you also have your preferred slip fielder. Players like Graeme Hick, Mark Taylor are specially known for their expertise at the clip cordon.
Yep. And Mark Waugh was another. A highly specialised position. Could even argue that it's a more specialised position than either Point or Gully. And yes, these positions are given to your best fielders (During the World Cup, Australia had Clarke at Gully/Point, Symonds at Cover & Ponting either in the Slips cordon, or at Mid-Off. Formidable, to say the least)! Can't understand why Mashrafee often finds himself placed in the corden when we are down to 1-2 slips. He is not a natural Slips Fielder. The Commentators have alluded to as much, in the past.

Originally Posted by Hatebreed
One of the problems is our slip fielders seem to stand too far away. Our pacers are not THAT fast and on many ocassions the edge doesn't carry.
I recall the Commentators blasting the players during the World Cup about this point specifically. I mean, it's common sense. My local Sub-District Cricket side can set a Slips cordon better than this lot!
Dare to dream.
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