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Default are these free?

Originally posted by abhs
Live Video

* For very gooq quality streaming, we may have to be fortunate to see that the following links will function properly.

Sky Sports - For the ODIs and the 1st test. Here is the programme guide of Cricket- Live on Sky Sports.

Ten Sports - for all of the ODIs and the tests.

Please note that the above links work (if would really work) only at the time of the matches. The links were first posted by CricketisLife! in the other threads.

* BTV will telecast the matches live. So if there will be webcast of BTV by
Homeview Bangladesh, we may enjoy the live video (although poor quality) from this link. Please note that Homeviewbangladesh live BTV link is not working at present. Sometimes especially, at the time of live sports, this works although live BTV link is not displayed in the frontpage. In such a case, you may try from this link at the time of the match.

* ABS TV is planning to telecast the matches. If so quality streaming will be available from this direct ABS TV link or you may click play manually from this link.

* If there will be live telecast from Aruba TV, it may also be viewed from this link.

* For other options, this Caribbean TV/Radio site may be resourceful.

Live Audio

* Radio Guyana will provide qualitly audio of all the matches. Here is the Radio Guyana Cricket Guide, which shows that all the matches will be covered. Simple clicking of this link will enable you to listen, if not , scroll down of the page and click Play on your chosen Player.

More to be posted later. Hope CricketisLife! or some other will come forward with some useful links so that we would be able to watch the matches live.

I am reposting this message since the earleer post was lost at the time of the moving of the Banglacricket Server.

I would, like you all, be sorry if none of the video links will be useful.

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are these live streaming videos free?
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