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Originally Posted by ISmacker
can you please shed more light on the internet speed availability in Dhaka, BD from your experience? Is there any one that offers high speed (mega bits level or close) broadband (I heard their speed compares with dialup in USA) and uninterrupted that I can rely for work from home?

I'd try to elaborate as much as I can.

Presently,bangladesh connects with internet through the 16 GB/s submarine cable,and a lot of ISP's use VSAT's too.T & T has imposed some heavy charges on the cable bandwidth,and there are reports that BTTB can not operate the switches properly,as a result, a big part of this bandwidth capacity remains unused.

The Internet connection in Dhaka has been dominated by Dial-up ISP's,but recently cable ISP's(They call them broadband,although they are merely LAN's using shared bandwidth) are gaining populerity.Average speed for Dial-up is lower than 1 kbps and the low cost cable solutions normally top at around 6-7 kbps for around 1000 a month.

Then there is the radio link operators, they charge pretty high,but if you are looking for wireless connectivity,they will give them equal to the cable bandwidth for about double the price.

You can also use SIM's of mobile companies with GPRS/EDGE. Unlimited package would cost 920 tk for teletalk and 1200 for GP.the normal rate is 2 poisa per kb.

And if you are really desperate to get some amazing speed and have a fat wallet, you can buy bandwidth directly from BTTB,it'd cost you more than 2 lacs for a bandwidth of 1 MB/s. I have come to know that one of the govt organization pays 85000 for 256 kbps on cable.

So,as long as you dont plan to download GB's of files,around 1000 per month would be enough to get you connected at browsable speed around the clock.

You misheard the comparison of our broadband with american dial-up,as far as I know about the american speed,its way better,and another bad news,many broadband lines gets cut frequently,so for uninterrupted communication,try wireless methods instead.
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