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I remember Fazal's entry on this forum and his quite creative poem that shot him to instant fame . Fazal Mamu!!!

I remember ATMR from Ebooooooong .... Chomotkaari Shot ...

I remember Mahmood from his quite intimidating name - "Rajputro" and the icon. Now he reminds me of Indian comedy-hero - Mahmood

I remember Zunaid for his name - i thought he was some cute bangla girl

I remember Zobair from his cute icon and name - Pompous (Pampu Bhai - I would've loved to call him that).

I remember Spitfire from his cute avatar of a cub - signified the cub that BD Cricket team was at that time

I remember Arafath for being the "Lathiwala Shalar Bhai"

I remember FaltuRidwanBhai for his name - and Dhonnobad. I used to always read his posts for the end part. Dhonnobad.

I remember BabuBangla for his signature - along with his posts that used to have tonnes of square-boxes.
Baba Tomar Bangladeshe Koto Kola Chao
Kola Bagan Chash Koira Kosto Koira Khao Baba Re

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