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Originally Posted by layperson
Very interesting thread. Now I know why Dj is so obsessed with Bangladesh cricket and Bangladesh in general. He has a thing for Bangladeshi girls which should explain why he dared to mistake Zunaid bhai of all people to be a "cute bangladeshi girl". LMAO
First thing first - I know quite early on that Zunaid was NOT a female. I only mistook the name Zunaid - assumed it was a good feminine name. Something like Zunaid Begum .

Now, don't blame me if Saqibul or Ashraful logged on this forum as "Moyna" and i assumed it was a female

Saying that i have a thing for Bangladeshi girls may sound cheap (maybe offensive or irksome to some members on the board). Let me just say i did have a lot of things for a special Bangla friend in my life, for a good period of time, and i do owe some nice Bangla lines to her:

Akash Poni Onek Doore
Jemim Kore Meg Jaye Go Ure
Jemim Kore Hawai Bashe Bashe
Koi Tahar Mate Tumi Amar Jeebone Ashonato

There you go - beat that. YOu can't

P.S: Zunaid Bhai, you didn't have to post your picture and break my heart
Baba Tomar Bangladeshe Koto Kola Chao
Kola Bagan Chash Koira Kosto Koira Khao Baba Re
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