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Khaisee... BB je majey majey.... Ki shob ber Korey.... Man Shomman Rekey Cholataii Kothin.

Originally Posted by DJ Sahastra
First thing first - I know quite early on that Zunaid was NOT a female. I only mistook the name Zunaid - assumed it was a good feminine name. Something like Zunaid Begum .

Interesting....but now that you mentioned Begum at end ... now I can understand your point. When I first heard the name 'Zuanid Kazi' the words that came up in my mind was "Zhun Zhuiinna Hazi". But eventually turned out to be very nice fellow. So Name is deceiving (like my own Name).

To tell you the truth, picture says more than the name itself.

Look at Dr. Z's picture. He has the following traits:

1. His face becomes asymmetrical when he smiles.
2. He successfully hides his teeth even when he smiles. That tells me be careful even when he smiles. He may be smiling, but he will not hesitate to give you a pink slip with smiling face.
3. Is that large glass is to hide his eyes? So no chance to read his mind; very careful and methodical.
4. Looks like Brain cells are always working... that make warm head... that can explain loosing hairs
5. Some white touch of beard gives him paka 'atel-atel' type look

Khaisee.... strike one ailoo money hoi
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