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In woman sports in BD vs radical islamic force Thread
I have a bad feeling that our society is moving towards Afgan or Pak or Algeria If we take a look at newspaper we will find so many MAULOBI or MADRASA related news everyday and it's becoming more and more. Not unexpected if they stand against wresling or footbal.
First Thread:
Need batting and bowling coach to be competitive

Posted first 12 days after joining the forum and waited a long 15 months before opening first thread. He made his first post expressing his concerns about the news that the national women wresting and women football competition was threatened by radical Islamic forces in Bangladesh. During our tour to Sri Lanka in 2005, we reduced SL to 48/4 on the morning of first day in the 2nd test, but they end up scoring 449/7 at the end of Day-1. The inability of our bowlers to hold on to the early success in this match moved PoorFan so much that he ended his 15-month long wait and opened his first thread demanding separate batting and bowling coach for the team. PoorFan should be happy to see that BCB is hiring special batting and bowling coach, which he demanded almost 21 months ago in his first thread.
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