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Originally Posted by RazabQ
Ahem, apparently, us selective posters will never see the limelight. First CM igs me on his rogue's gallery and then babu pulls an SRajesh and creates some 6000 post cutoff. Ack - very well then. I shall commence with the one line non-sequiturs that I daresay constitute so many posts on match threads
Since no one else is volunteering, I am moving slow.
But I am sure you deserve one without any further delay!!

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In Canada and Uganda Games Thread
ideas for improving batsmens\' concentration
Easy answer - institute a 2-day interschool tourney.
I fondly recall Nirman tournament (now called Standard Chartered). Players such as Opee, Sujan, Shumon, Moh. Ali, etc came through it. Unfortunately, we always played on matting wickets in small grounds and the matches were 40 overs long. So
a) we knew we'd get even, knee-level bounce most of the time,
b) life was good if you were spinner,
c) seaming the ball was difficult,
d) if one wasted more than one over in "watching" the bowling, the coach or captain would get on your case.
e) cross batted hoiks where u shuffled across would inevitably get you a four or six, while an attempt to drive along the ground thru the V would end up in a little dust storm and one having to run his *** off.
If we are able to switch the Standard Chartered interschool tourney to a two-day format and try and use proper grounds then
a) we will be emulating Sri Lanka who have built a pretty good program based mainly on school cricket
b) our batsmen will have to learn to last 80-90 overs - hence the 2-3 hours concentration issue gets resolved.
c) cross batted hoiks will go away
d) all players will learn to strategise - just like test cricket makes u do.
As for good practice bowlers, I think we need a bowling machine. And my pakistani coach in the US often made me practice batting against hockey balls on wet astro-turf (he learned it from Imran Khan). Man that will get u used to bouncy wickets fast. Anyway, this is my first post so go easy on me guys. Happy to join this site
First Thread:
Why no Offside, V players? Whither Lefties?

Posted first on the same day he joined the forum and opened his first thread 2 days later. In his first post, he responded to Coach Richard McInnes on ways to develop “Sports Intelligence” of our young batsmen by drawing from his experience of playing national school-level cricket. He opened his first thread to find out the reasons behind the lack of players strong in playing on the offside and V as well as the lack of top class left-handed batsman in Bangladesh team. Showcased his quality from the word go!!
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