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Default This is PERSIA!!

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time

Although great games don't necessarily make great movies and vice versa, I'm very excited about Prince of Persia.

Announced at DICE in 2004, the Prince of Persia movie is being produced by Jerry Bruckheimer (Pirates of the Caribbean) for Walt Disney Pictures, with Transformers director Michael Bay. Its script is being written by Jordan Mechner, creator of the original Prince of Persia game, and The Day After Tomorrow screenplay scribe Jeffrey Nachmanoff. got to read an early draft of the script and from the sound of it seems to love it already.

Bruckheimer and Bay - back together again for Prince of Persia, which is epic in its scope. Disney has got a monster hit and another potential blockbuster franchise on their hands. Prince of Persia can be as fun as Pirates of the Caribbean. Even if you never played any of the games, if you’re into Arabian Nights, Aladdin, Sinbad, Ali Baba and his 40 Thieves, or old-school Arabian adventures, then Prince of Persia is for you.

I am going to keep the spoilers absolutely lite on this one to not piss off Bruckheimer, Bay and Disney.

What is also super-cool about the script is the use of PARKOUR. Parkour is a physical art of French origin, the aim of which is to move from point A to point B as efficiently and quickly as possible, using principally the abilities of the human body. It is meant to help one overcome obstacles, which can be anything in the surrounding environment — from branches and rocks to rails and concrete walls — so Parkour can be practiced in both rural and urban areas.

The Prince of Persia games utilized Parkour and it is cool to see it intact in the script and a part of the storyline. That chase scene in Casino Royale utilized Parkour and I can’t highly recommend enough the Pierre Morel French action fiml DISTRICT B13, which is one hell of an action film. The way these stuntmen move without the use of special effects and wires is just breathtaking.

Parkour is finally going to be given a worldwide audience with Prince of Persia. Because of the incredible athleticism and shape you have to be in to practice Parkour, I would think that narrows down the choices to play Prince of Persia’s lead character – DASTAN.

One of the producers said in the trades that Prince of Persia is a 9th century Indiana Jones and it reads and feels like one.
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