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Originally Posted by Carte Blanche
I absolutely loved Illusionist. Though the plots are drastically different, it reminds me of Usual Suspects. You feel terribly cheated at the end of the movie, but in a heart-warming way. I'll even go as far as to say this is my all-time magic favourite.

The Prestige started off very promising. Even though Johansson's weak acting ruined a significant number of scenes, the story was intriguing enough to overshadow that deficit. But it's the last 10 minutes that ruined it for me. The ending was equally disappointing. Also, what eludes me is how they misappropriated Scarlett's talents. She could have had a far more glamourous role. Instead, you had to see her in unattractive clothes and listen to her nauseatingly coughy voice.
WOW ... my feelings exactly ! i too thought: kothay jeno mil ach'he suspect-er shathe, not just the intrcately constructed plot that leaves you pleasantly surprised in the end. how cool is that ?

i agree with everything you wrote about the prestige, especially about the ending and the "johansson factor". i hope SJ like our SN gets her form back soon. SN had his ton against the aussies, and SJ had that brilliant performance in lost in translation.
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