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I watch a lot of films, usually around two per week at the local arthouse complex. By nature I avoid the mainstream cinema and gravitate towards what is referred to as Independent cinema. The following films were interesting, charming or worth a recommendation out of what I have watched in the last three years. This is in no particular order -

Lost in translation - a beautiful and subtle tale of intimacy between strangers set in a beautifully clean and cold Tokyo

The Afterlife - a Japanese film about what happens in afterlife, that the dead waits in a special place until they can decide upon a particular happy memory to achieve nirvana

The beat that my heart skipped - a French film of how a disillusioned young man, trying to get away from his gangland past finds solace in the piano

Donnie Darko - a fantastic kafkaesque tale of subversion set in a very average middleclass american family in the late 1980's. one of the most thought provoking films of this century

In terms of DVD releases, I recently acquired The Three Colours trilogy, Spellbound, Meet Joe Black and a pirated copy of Jalsaghar by Satyajit Ray.
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