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Default Start of a new Era:Govt to allow private sector Energy Business.

if this one is implemented,I firmly believe we'll have excess energy rpoduction within 5-8 years

The interim government is planning to allow private sector investors to distribute electricity at the consumer level by setting up their own power plants. The government will have no control over the prices of the power sold by the private power plants.
‘We are planning to allow private investors to set up as big power plants as they wish and sell their electricity by using the government infrastructure, for which they will have to pay us transmission cost,’ said energy and power adviser Tapan Chowdhury at a seminar on the National Energy Policy on Sunday.
At present private investors can set up independent power plants after the government invites tenders for setting up such plants at places selected by it. The Power Development Board purchases the power from IPPs and subsidiaries of the board distribute electricity to consumers at a price fixed by the government.
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