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Just my thoughts again -


We really are not talking about our own political affiliations here. So, it really isn't dirty. Please don't get grossed out !! This is only the proverbial 2 cents worth analysis of how badly everything in bd can succumb to dirty, undemocratic politics- which everybody (including h_fan) is well aware of. This is only our way to kill some time between tests. Please suggest something else you would like us to bring to this forum in between test series, that has some indirect bearing to this great game our country is trying to do well at. I'm sure Tehsin win't mind. And if I have some knowledge of it, I might try to add a few words here and there.

2. To Piranha : Sure, people outside the country (both deshis and bedeshis) know very well of our problems, and that, besides the lack of resources, dirty politics is the main reason behind them. So, what do we do now, keep on ranting with vulgarities. For example, what's all this about Mr. Mugabe of Zimbabwe being the Mr. evil of today ? Do you know, when in 1981, black Zimbabweans were fighting to gain political freedom (aka Independence, like that in BD in 1971), the army backed by SA merceneries drove masses north across the Zambian border, and then the airforce flew cross border sorties to bomb those refugees.

Now, let me make this very clear - I'm not any kind of anti- english, anti-sadhaa, etc etc. My point here is only that, we in BD all know of our problems, and just because we live somewhere in the UK or USA does not give us any rights to be able to separately criticize our leaders, nor does it give us the added virtue of being able to criticize and recognise our countries drawbacks, more then others. Those leaders are just like your and my fathers, mothers..we did not go and by them in the moon that we can say - darn it, we're just stuck with a bad deal here. We as individuals, in BD, and outside, need to set examples of tolerance, civility, and most importantly, professionalism. Easier said then done, because, early in th e90s I saw my BD friends in the US preach these same things, and yet go back to Dhaka over Summer vacations, and break ..........yeah, folks who did A'levels, or went to Dhaka college !!

So, Mr. Dellos, please spare us all your BS. Go write about the queen or something, and all her subjects.

As for folks like me and you Piranha, I guess we'll have to just deal with every challenge in our lives and try to react just the way we desire our politicians to behave. Collectively, then only will things change.

Saying all that, you all are my dearest brothers (and sisters), even h_fan. No, you're my "mate."


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