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Default To Ockey

In your last paragraph -

"If the world is turn a blind eye and say it's ok for tit for tat killings to go on then where does it all end?! "

First, let me thank you for your response. I am already learning.

About your sentence in quotation above, I have just one question to you -


Have you ever heard of IAN SMITH ?? He was Zimbabwe's (formerly RHODESIA) Prime Minister in 1981 !! You should be asking him that !!! Why did he, and not me, think of what you mentioned above ?

Just so that I understand you, hypothetically speaking, say Mr. Y comes from the neverland of Aragon, and forcibly throws your family out of your home in Dhaka. Your father's home !!

20 years later - you get your opportunity to reclaim it. What will you do ??

But Ockey, I know you better - you are the decent guy who does not play tit for tat. You will probably make sure that whoever lives their then gets atleast a room to keep on living. I know you will do that , and that's why you are a better man than either Ian Smith or Mugabe.

Thank You.

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