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Default my few thougts

today's game gave me a great mixture of feeling. there are so many good things to talk about, and so is bad thing. lets starts with bigging.

* fine, the pitch was a mine field. but how did pilot and rafique managed to stay not out? old ball? they did face the pace too. and the only thing i can say here is, rafique should have been able to get score more than just 2, at the final over.

* they way the fougt back with such a mere total is just fantastic.

* i guess its time for us to make some "matrix" about hannan and shahrier and choose just one. make him fixed with rana. i know rana did not score much on todays game. but at that disasterous situation, he kept it cool and managed to company rajin to take the game out of a darkhole.

* can anyone see one good thing about sumon today? i hope "morning shows the day" is not true and he'll comeback. i just dont see it. they way and in the situation where he got out, deserve punishment. his bowling rotation was questionable too.

* alok has been working too hard for very very long time. he deserve a vacation. lets get faisal in.

* i can't find anyone to spare in the team. otherwise i'd really want raj in the team looking at the performance of two other lefty. how about this revolutionary thougt of playing 3 lefly in the team showing good bye to pace? say for the cost of taposh :duh: . i know its not practical. but just a thougt.

* the most famous topic of this thread is chacha bashing, needless to say, i'm a pioneer of it. i can't help it but to say, he is doing a great job every since he lost the captency.
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