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Default Few things need to fall in place

Very rarely we have all our department working in the same day. Yesterday, was one of such day. Nevertheless, we won the mental game, and really rocked the nerves of WI team, by the bowling of Mahmud and Rana.

Few things need to fall in place today, for us to come out as winner in this game. And hopefully they will.

However, we should be ready to accept, that couple of things will not repeat today for sure:

1. There will not be a record breaking 9th wicket partnership, just the very next day. (we would be certainly happy to accept a record breaking 1st wicket partnership)

2. There will be no stellar performance from Mahmud, again, just the very next day (law of average prevails, but we would love Mushfiq demolishing the WI's top order)

Few pics for the memory book (taken off the tube, I hope I am not breaking any copyright law)

Savior till the end

Rafique to the rescue

Light at the end of the tunnel.

(I was so down by the perf of 1st inn, didn't have enough enthusiasm for the strikingly different 2nd inn)

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