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Originally Posted by Buddhika_s
haha well said, so true, back in 80's and early 90's sl was in the receiving side of all the records but hard work after 96 able to get most of those records back like,

Highest ODI score, 443/9 against Netherlands in 2006
Highest Test Score, 952/6 against India in 1998

Lowest ODI Scores,
1.) 35 (18 overs) Zimbabwe v Sri Lanka 2004
2.) 36 (18.4 overs) Canada v Sri Lanka 2002/03
3.) 38 (15.4 overs) Zimbabwe v Sri Lanka 2001/02
7.) 54 (26.3 overs) India v Sri Lanka 2000/01
Not very important but that 7th lowest ODI score is actually the 8th lowest score.

EDIT: ok double checked the stats, WI and IND share the 7th place , my mistake.

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