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Bhai Miraz, I'm eagerly waiting for your article as others although I'm not quite impressed with his idea about cricket. A lot of us can talk about cricketing infrastucture, domestic cricket etc to boost our cricket. There's no doubt about reconstructing these and you don't need to be a genius to say so. A genius is, who can say things that others can't, who can predict things that others can't and who can understand betterment that others can't.

Bulbul is still pretty much having his old frame of mind of "shomman jonok porajoy". He was furious on Faruq for not including Pilot in the world cup. He talked about his inclusion even after the world cup. He talked about including Kapali even. Listening to him will make us fight against Kenya as he/they used to do.

I wish he doesn't get a board job from his big mouth talking.
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