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Originally Posted by nobody
McGrath has lower speed than Tate; does it mean we should take Tate over Mcgrath. How you could select new player who have no experience or little experience. Domestic performance! Look what happened to Dickens, Shanto after successful domestic season. how you could compare JO with Mehrab. JO has better average (I presume) but Mehrab can play as middle order also; plus he can bowl.
It is not possible to develop a transparent system for selection though cricket is a game of numbers, numbers do not tell everything.
nobody, I never implied that better speed means better bowler. I was just giving some of the possible quality elements. Obviously none I intend for actual usage. There can be many many more elements. A system must have a good analysis process to identify the appropriate quality elements. Again the selection should based on the necessary criteria identified by the selectors, so if speed is not a criteria for selection it doesn't have to be used while seleting, but available of that data may not be a bad idea as it may need for a special reason...
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