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Originally Posted by Zobair
SharifK, thank you for your post. Is there any instance of this approach being implemented in any sport? I have not come across any. I suspect that given there is that certain intangible aspect (often referred to as "Talent") to most skill-based sports such a transparent approach is unlikely to result in optimal outcomes. However, some form of a hybrid approach may be possible.
Zobair, even though the concepts of continual improvement and quantitative quality measurement are somewhat new to professional sporting organizations, some professional coaches of NFL and MLB in the USA have been advocating of using them recently while a few have started using them although the purposes are somewhat different. They are using them primarily to analyze stgrength and weaknesses to identify improvement areas. As you can understand that the selection processes in other professional sports specially for professional clubs/teams are different from that of the national teams. However, I believe that the teams that have used them certainly can use the data for identifying suitable recruits/trades for filling players for appropriate positions.
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