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Originally Posted by WarWolf
A good proposal. But I am afraid this may not work. Cause there are too many variables which should be incorporated in the ranking system. The system will be too hard to implement and will tend to give wrong results.

Look at different international ranking systems for players. None of them are compatible with others and some times the ranking of a players varies a lot from system to system. IMO, the proposed system will backfire.
WarWolf, No worries, you are probably not alone who will be reluctant. Performers of all industries are initially oppose such idea. It's good to be cautious because it does need careful planning and assists from trained specialists in the subject matter. They may not be very inexpensive, but I a disagree with you that with appropriate planning and careful application it won't work since it's been proven in the professional world including in sports. With today's technologies, those who use the appropriate advanced tools and methods stay ahead of the others. The available ranking systems such as LG ranking system or simliar ones are inappropriate comparions because they have different purposes. Those systems use international payers from different countries who are playing in different enironments against different oppositions, and many othert factors that are very different from what's proposed here. For example, it will be our players only. And each player's comparisons are against exact same variables since each will have different quality elements. So it's more of an apple-to-apple comparison whereas those that are available are like apples-to-oranges. BTW selectors don't go away so they can always manually overwrite any slecion done by the system in a special case. But the tools and methods can provide valuable data that can easily be overlooked if those tools and methods aren't present.
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