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You forgot Zimbabwe there. I guess by your logic, England is also one of the worst sides in world cricket since they recently had to bend over backwords to draw the ODI series (2-2) against WI. Check out the series

Look, the only people I know who think Bangladesh sucks are most outsiders and some Bangladeshis who have seriously no idea about our strenghts or the ones who thought Bangladesh will start winning matches as soon as they got a test status. They were obviously dissapointed by the results and blame the team for not fulfilling their naive expectations.

We here judge the team by their growth and potential. I expected the team to do badly in the two matches and was pleasently surprised by our bowlers. We knew that it will take time for us to get to that stage.

If you follow carefully, you can easily see that one solid (and we have had those) performance in either of the last two matches could have turned the series around.
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