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Originally posted by BangladeshFan
It was good to read the enthusiastic posts of some of my Bd brothers. But the hard reality is Bd is long way away from international standard. They were easily outplayed by WI and thats the hard reality.
Our bowling is very good these days, its our batting that is below international standards, some of our guyz batting techniques are horrible and they seem to lack power to crash the ball in to the boundary. Everybody has been raving about Rana, even though he scored 33n.o, am not impressed with his batting technique at all, soon he will only stay in the team because of his bowling. Like I said before, every single batsmen that have played for Bangladesh so far will never score a double ton. I thought Sarkar was a possibility but I would like to say he aint gonna do it as well, now ad love to be proved wrong. Everytime a new batsmen emerges I look forward to seeing him in action, in the hope that he is the finished article, but so far no luck. Lets see what Faisal Hossain has to offer. All the players should try and get their physique like Rajin Saleh so it gives them a bit more power. Enamul Hoque Jr is the player for me, I have predicted he will become a legend, now am just wating for a Bangali batsman who I can say the same about.
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