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The difference in the standard of the bowling is quite evident. And lets not forget WI is "supposed to be" the worst side in internatioal cricket save Bangladesh.
West Indies is not the worst side in the world. If you say things like that, then I'll say that AUSTRALIA IS THE WORST SIDE IN THE WORLD :P (Alright, that was a joke, so don't bother to agree/disagree with that).

About the stats as to why West Indies is NOT the worst side in the world - yes, they are a far weakend team than they used to be during the 60s, 70s & 80s, plus when you see them losing to Zimbabwe 2 ODIs only recently in Zimbabwe (By the way, West Indies lost 7 of their 24 matches played against Zimbabwe, since the year 2000, and also WI did not lose to ZIM before 2000), however, they have come back and beaten the same Zimbabwe side in the next 3 matches in a row to win the ODI series.

There are some other stats, like only recently, Bangladesh's games are becoming close matches than ever. Earlier, Bangladesh used to get smashed by the same teams for below par and we used to wonder oh, when will Bangladesh become a little more competitive? And now the current team is, a lot more competitive than its entire cricket history suggests.

So I recommend, BangladeshFan, that you are living in the world of 1990s when Bangladesh was like that.
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