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Originally posted by AgentSmith
Originally posted by BangladeshFan
well take the recent ODI for instance. Bangladesh was thoroughly outplayed. Dont get fooled by the margin. The difference in the standard of the bowling is quite evident. And lets not forget WI is "supposed to be" the worst side in internatioal cricket save Bangladesh.
lets go line by line:
# Bangladesh was thoroughly outplayed.
- Lets make one thing clear to myself first. u are talking about cricket, right? not football or something like that? because in terms of cricket, the reality is just opposite. a quick stat, there have been only 5 odi's so far where the win was by one wicket. that means, whever a team takes 9 wicket on second innings, 99.99% times, they win. just spend some time on the stat of last 5 odis bd play. i've a feeling that u really did not do your homework before posting.

#The difference in the standard of the bowling is quite evident:
-again, i'm confused. evedence of what? we took more wicket on the first odi than they did. rana-rafique-sujon's bowling doesn't show anything to distinguish from wi bowlers.

#And lets not forget WI is "supposed to be" the worst side in internatioal cricket save Bangladesh.
- reading this, i'm very much convinced that u are talking about football. WI, the worst side of cricket. they are passing through the worst TIME of their cricket, but even with that, they can compete and snach win against anyteam in the world.

"... bd way far from internation level"? really? i see them playing and fighting in internation level right now.

if u are to defend your theory, u have to do it by logic and using stat. wanna give it a try?
thanks for the reply and also to someother who have replied in different manner. The thing is I said last ODI not the last 5 ODIs -->so that solves it. Secondly I do rate Rafiq and Rana good left armers for ODIs but when you talk about bowling standard you mean the whole line up. In terms of fast bowling strength Bangladesh is still way below them. We dont have a good offie or leggie either.

Thirdly WI is indeed the worst side in the world if you exclude BD and the present Zimbabwe of the league. All the other sides are ahead of WI and have won ODI series there(and yes everyone is winning test series there as well, can you ever imagine Bd doing remotely close?).

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