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Come on Man....

The west Indies team has a test history of 80 yrs while BD has entered in the 4th year.

we are not thinking that BD is gonna be no 1 team with 5 or 10 years. what we want is gradual improvement which will be consistent for next years to come.

the current WI team is worst compared to any WI team in the past.

I dont know what will happen to the WI team when Brian Lara retires.

And talking about bowling.....
yes Tino Best and Edwards are performing well in the carribeans .....we will see how they perform when they visit Pakistani,India or Srilanka.

The current WI team doesnt even have a good enough spinner. Gayle is a part time spinner.

WE do have Rafique & Rana in our side.

Rafique is vastly experienced spinner & have always proved his quality for the last 1 years.

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