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Originally Posted by israr
I am not being pessimistic, but instead looking at a realistic point of view. Our fightback against Sri Lanka has been very rare, infact I don't remember any fightback from a difficult position against Sri Lanka in my living memory. My heart suffered a lot previously, expecting something massive everytime, and that feeling was ineluctable, but now I have contrived to change that, so I don't get disappointed as often as I used to in the past. I am not posting a long essay but just trying to say to other members 'Lets hope for the best, but the most important thing , always prepare for the worst, according to certain circumstances', or else when Ashraful edges one or gets yorked the first ball of the day, there will be multiple threads relating to Ashraful and I don't want to discuss how the genre of those posts shall be like, as I guess everyone knows that!
Hope our hearts doesn't sink in the same manner today when the umpire raises his towards Ash.
Ashraful Is a Chagol (Goat)
So is out team we are not tigers in test cricket, we are chagols and in One day maybe we are tigers.
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