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Default #1 Bangladesh Cricket Fan or Tales of Woe

The article "Following the game" (By Mahmudul Huq Khan) got me thinking about all the stange lenghts we've gone to keep up with Bangladesh cricket - especially those of us who are in the Cricket wastelands of good 'ole USA. C'mon all, share your stories and in the end we might even have a vote to see wich pathetic person can win the title of "#1 Bangladesh Cricket Fan".

Here is one of my many stories:

This was during the Lanka tour of '02. The only coverage, of course, was the Cricinfo commentary. No, this account is not the usual pathetic story for so many of us who stay up late and watch 60 second refreshes of text commentary and stay glued to the monitor even when your team is getting its cr*p beaten out of it. My wife, bless her soul, gives me strange looks yet forgives my strangeness. She may have contemplated sending me to a shrink but after 10 years we are still happily married. Ok, back to the story.

My bedroom was upstairs and my desktop was in my office/den was downstairs. When my decrepit bones complained too much about the lateness of the hour, I would retire upstairs to bed, armed with my wireless enabled laptop. Of course, the WAP decides it has had enough and goes out on me one night.

What is a Bangladesh Cricket fan to do? Necessity is the mother of inventions. I took one of my X-10 cameras and placed it straegically on a pile of books in front of my desktop. Hid all unneccessary browser tabs. Turned off the screensaver and turned off monitor/hard-drive sleep settings. I had an X-10 receiever hooked to my TV in the bedroom. I then retired, pleased as punch, to bed and irritated my wife by switching between Leno and my riveting cricket game.

I was golden.
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