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I believe some of you already know my story, but here goes.

1) I have never ever been to a cricket stadium, nor do I wish to go to any cricket stadium in the world unless given all the facilities that there is to provide, and yet I am the most regular writer around here, as well as arguing with all the cricket fans all over the world (male/female) who have both been to cricket stadiums and haven't been to any cricket stadium at all.

2) In addition, I have never hold a cricket bat or a cricket ball in my whole life until I won the 2nd prize of Bangladesh Cricinfo quiz competition after Bangladesh's maiden tour of Zimbabwe.

3) My brother used to watch all the world cup football matches staying up as late at night as they were, for as long as he stayed in Bangladesh, or as far as I can remember; I never used to join him because staying up until midnight or late until morning (1/2 AM) was forbidden for me, also did not feel the same way as Bhaia did. But now, after several years of watching Bangladesh cricket closely on TV, I just could not afford to miss Bangladesh's maiden tour of the West Indies and stayed up until 3 or 3:30 in the morning - alone - with just the computer to give me the comfort in the loneliness of watching cricket (alone).

Even if I don't get voted the #1 cricket fan, as I demand to be, still I have got the pleasure of watching one of the most close-faught ODI matches that Bangladesh have ever had played - in the very first ODI match of the caribbean ODI series.
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