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Originally Posted by SS

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Still expecting some "output" from them. I am giving up all my hope, and I wish I can stop visiting the site as there is no more good cricket left for BD. May be on 2008, if something better happens, if really BCB and other cricket organizers realize the importance of this game for BD and fans, I will start writing something positive. Otherwise I am tired of no good domestic cricket after so many failures, and requests. No planning and corruption with all the resources we had to improve this sport. What's the point of writing and discussing here then, if the whole cricket authorities are reluctant, players are not giving 100% or even making the same mistakes again and again. Time for them to step down as they are making Cricket like other corrupted and unsuccessful sports in BD. I guess I will just step down and stop following these moves, results, and everything associated with BD cricket.

I would have accepted these defeats but no actions at all from cricket authority to rectify the system and rather they are bringing another 20+ year old and making his debut. They are doing this process for 7 years and still same thing.

I wish I never got myself affiliated with BD cricket. I hope this will be my last post of this year as we are on the same page where we were couple of years back especially in batting and cricket development.
I think your 'humki' on giving up our cricket heard by the authority. Thats why they decided to step down from BCB. No joke my friend, BCB JS and another 11 office bearers resigned today. Hope, this time some true cricket lover organizer will take charge and work for the development of the game.
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