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I was also there. Overall Akdom Faltu Laglo. Akdom 40 Taka ( thukku dollar) Gochha... ekdom Drainey Geloo...We spent money and time to listen to Habib and Shakila Jafar (excellent stage performer). One couldn't sing that much due to shortage of time, the other didn't even showed up.

I heard it was almost 2 hours late not because what was announced, but rather MR. President of BAFI was late. He was supposed to open the function. But after waiting close to two hours they opened it anyway hastily. Thats why the introduction of BAFI president as well as Channel I executive was in the middle of the function.

The indoor stadium was 3/4 empty. How pathetic.

I liked Haider Husyn. He is a perfect gentleman.Talked with him the previous night at the hotel. Very easy going person.

Jewel - Looked like very unprepared. Was he supposed to sing or just a filler at the last moment? Looked and performed very unprofessional.

Kanakchapa - Was ok. but not a good stage performer.

Haider Husyn - Excellent. I liked his performance.

Runa Laila - OMG she is soo fat... the stage performers from the fans (during the song shader lau...) was kind of funny. Most of them young girl except for one over excited middle aged women (??). Was she drunk or what?

Opi Karim I liked her performance not her partner though.

Poornima - was cool. She looked owsome. Never knew BD has such a pretty actress. She is young, looks great, dressed properly, has excelent figure, and danced with grace. But who was that Gattu Guttu Kind of Mota Shota Partner? Was that Ferdous?

Dancer: Thats male dance guy... is he gay or what? He looked, dressed and danced like a girl.

Habib - Kind of disappointed. His songs were kind of ok, but then again he was about to warm up. Suddenly they stopped the show.

Ferdous Wahid - He just sang one song and that was bad. Who want to hear Mamunia when you are paying money for that?

Bottom line... I am not going to go and spend my money and time again if its organized by BAFI.

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