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Originally Posted by Huda
Talking about fast, green top wickets in a climate that is not suited to it, is no easily done, and will never be as close as the real thing. Most wickets in the subcontinent, india, pakistan etc are roads nowadays. However more should be done to he wickets so they are more sporting, if we have a stadium near cox bazar maybe the humidty, damp, moist air conditions, overcast on winter mornings?, will create a sporting wicket, im not sure.
don't agree. you can still make them fast atleast, forget about green top. Sri lanka used to have murali and they had those slow spin friendly pithes but after they got a decent all around attack the pitches are fast and bouncy. seam everything.

Premadasa stadium (where the last two ODI's were played) used to be the slowest pitch in the whole subcontinent. but after some construction they have a speedy bouncy pitch. did you watch the last two odi's? and did you see the movement?
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