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Originally Posted by Miraz
Bangladesh report cards for the ODI series against Sri Lanka

Musfiqur Rahim : He managed two ducks out of 3 innings and only scored 28 runs which were well below the expectations from everyone. His keeping was OK with occasional fumble, managed to keep his voice loud throughout the series to direct fielders the right end to throw in.
Rating : 6
By your own admission, he scored two ducks out of three . I am not sure how you can say his keeping was OK. He dropped two catches in the final match. His keeping has never been OK. He still scores 6 which presumably means better than average. When does someone get 1 or 2 ?

We all like Mushfiq and he would make my side automatically as a batsman in tests. Because of his batting he will keep his wk spot in ODI's as well. But let's be honest, he had a bad ODI series. There is no other way to put it.

Rasel was the outstanding Bangladeshi player of the tournament. He usually is. I have always been surprised by the inventive phrases used by arbitrary selectors to keep him [ and Aftab ] out of the test team.
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