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Default Ian Chappell looks back on 30 years behind the mic

Do you still look back at the mess you were involved in back in 1980-81 when you used bad language on air?
I'm always conscious of it because I know that if I make the mistake again, that might be it. I enjoy commentary, I enjoy the work. I don't know whether I've deliberately got it stuck away in the back of my mind or not but I'm always conscious of it. And it's interesting that when I had the mess-up, there were four words you weren't supposed to say on TV and I managed to get three of the four in one sentence.
I realised I had to stop swearing. Period. I actually did for six months - almost all swearing except a few "bloody"s. I ran into Garry Sobers not long after it happened and I said, "I've stopped swearing, Gary" and he said, "What? There's going to be lot of gaps in your conversations then." But I slipped back into bad habits, and now I'm still at it. But I know it will cost me my job if I'm not conscious of it. Maybe it's a good thing. It makes me a bit more disciplined.
Sounds like 80's commentary was more fun

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