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Originally Posted by Sohel NR
IMHO, "just being another Ashraful" is not at all a bad thing given the realities of BD cricket at this level, especially without the type of domestic set up that can prepare our players for the international arena better than the current infrastructure, which contrary to some of the pre-Lanka, status-quo apologists in this forum, obviously does not.

Who has done better or been more effective than Ash in significant BD innings, partnerships and individual scores and accomplishments? As hard as it may be, and as emotionally driven as our expectations are, we need to be more patient as our genuinely talented players - we don't have too many of those yet - as they continue to learn on the job. Remember that the "peak range" for most batsmen is between the age of 27 and 32. Cut these young men some slack dude, they still have 5 to 9 years before hitting that range.
I am not meaning to say that ash is bad or something i mean to say that i hope he uses his talent properly.
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