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Originally Posted by Sohel NR
Superstars for and of BD cricket.

Please don't flaunt that bad faith with poor semantic manipulation, quite unbecoming outside typically nasty, traditional BD politics.

but you did say 'Top shelf, IMHO, the current genuine superstars, meaning the ones people the world over will pay to watch: Mohammad Ashraful and Mashrafe Bin Murtaza'.

these cricketers might well be superstars within bangladesh but i dare say total nonentities outside of the bangladeshi borders. the test match special commentators always mention marshrafe as having some talent when mentioning bangladesh. increasingly, and since the world cup, the veteran raffique gets a mention too. however, i can't see any non bangladeshi's paying to see just these two.

when bangladesh played against england at lords in 2005 i went along. a friend is a member of mcc so i was lucky enough to even sit in the members enclosure for a while before the hordes came in. it was a very poor show that day as far as bangladesh were concerned. ian bell scored an effortless century. graham thorpe was contend to nudge around at the other side of the crease.

a fine day for cricket though.
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