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Like others, I was also surprised to see the use of the word "Superstar" by Sohel bhai. But after reading the following I sort of get an idea what he means.

Originally Posted by Sohel NR
My point exactly, as the thread title clearly suggests. For and of BD cricket within the Bangadeshi context...

...That said, this thread was about Junayed Siddique, not my choice of a particular word to be picked upon with questionable intent. I used the word "superstar" and not "the next big thing" repeatedly, so sue me.
So, boys and girls don't get too excited by the word "Superstar". He is only talking about it from BD's context. Actually this could have been put in the following way :

Junnaid Siiddique: The Next Superstar* of BD Cricket

* Not proven but only in terms of talent and ability a superstar WITHIN BD cricket.
Sohel bhai, now go and put a disclaimer in your post before everyone gets you.
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