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Originally Posted by Puck
i think that it is pakistan that would be more in a turmoil if the us stopped backing its present secular military leaders. the red mosque incident was poorly handled. it has only given more impetus to the fundamentalists to carry on their armed struggle against the secular forces of nature.
The red mosque incident was an ugly affair and bound to end up ugly whichever path you take. It wasn't Musharraf's fault. On one hand you are dealing with retarded fanatics refusing to surrender, using women and children as human shields.

Musharraf did what any reasonable person would have done: try diplomacy first which he did for about a week b4 consorting to military action.

The incident was just made "look bad" because of the bad timing when Musharraf was criticised from every angle for various reasons: firing chief justice, not taking on hard liners, democracy factor. This incident just topped it like the icing on a cake.
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