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This is more like a personal news but I felt like putting it here....

I visited USA for the first time this weekend (and probably the last time inshAllah) and sorry to say my visit to the shopner desh was the worst in my life ever. I was never been so mistreated in my life like I was treated by the US DHS officials. I had to register myself (probably cuz of my name & nationality) and missed couple of flights and the same thing happened on the way back (and I thought getting a 5 years multiple US visa was a good thing). So my 3 day long weekend was cut short to just 1.5 days, and I spent some unbearable hours in the airport.

I was just shocked to see how illiterate the officials were (my guess wud be lower than high school) and the way they even talked to some ppl. It was quite traumatic living 3 years in Canada. You can disticntly see the difference between the 2 country. I was so relieved to come back to Canada (truly felt like home) after a 7 hour night at Newark airport terminal because of flight delay/Nseers de-registration etc. It was a very very painful weekend for me, I wish I was just in Toronto even doing nothing......

One thing in my short stay there, I just noticed how complicated life is in USA compared to Canada. I guess ppl living in USA got used to it, which is natural...

Wont visit USA any time soon, Lesson learnt...... will be content with my life in Canada.......... happy paying these taxes......
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